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Intermusic to be presented in AEC Congress 2018
by Mantautas Krukauskas - Thursday, 8 November 2018, 12:38 AM

Intermusic strategic partnership project and Intermusic platform will be presented at AEC (European Association of Conservatoires) Congress 2018 in Graz (Austria). Parallel session IB-6 "INTERMUSIC: a New Approach to Music Distance Learning, Performance and Research", with Roberto De Thierry, ...

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Site under construction
by Roberto Becerra - Thursday, 8 November 2018, 12:18 AM

While this site is undergoing development, you may experience issues during the construction time.

Please report problems to the administrator. 

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Intermusic platform launched
by Mantautas Krukauskas - Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 4:24 PM

Moodle base for the platform of Intermusic project development is installed and active.

INTERMUSIC (INTERactive environment for MUSIC learning and practising) is a development project carried out on the basis of a strategic partnership between European Music Higher Education Institutions.

This project is financed through the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency in the framework of the Key Action 2 (strategic Partnership for Higher Education, project code: 2017-1-IT02-KA203-036770)

Site is open for project partners' discussions and experiments. Warm welcome!